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1) What are Padkix's materials?

Padkix is composed of the following materials:

Polyester for the outer layer, cotton for the inner layer, and a combination of bamboo microfiber and cotton for the absorber. 


2) Returns and Exchanges

We can only do size exchanges and no refunds. If you got the wrong size, please send the panties to the following address and leave a note inside on which size you wish to exchange to:

3100 Riverside Drive #338 Los Angeles, CA 90027. 

Please note that you'd need to pay a $5 fee via PAYPAL ( for US customers and $15 fee for international customers for our shipping and handling for the exchanges. Just write down your name and shipping address on the "add a note" feature on Paypal. 

You'd also need to cover your OWN shipping expenses.

So please please be EXTRA CAREFUL in finding your right size... :)

Here's another copy of the size chart: 


3) Where do I measure the waistline and hip?

As a general rule, measure your waistline 2 inches below your belly button and the hip line is located around the largest area/circumference of your hips (including the butt area).


4) What if I fall in between sizes, which one would I choose?

Choose the smaller size :)


5) How long does Padkix last?

Some past users and customers have said that Padkix can last up to 6 to 8 hours on a good day but Padkix's absorbency really depends on how heavy your flow is. Please acquaint yourself with the product by testing it first (ideally at night time) before trying it when you're out and about.


6) How do I wash Padkix?

Please refer to the image below:

This card will also be included in your package once your order in this website :)


7) What's the red bag and wash bag for?

The red bag is where you store your fresh and unused Padkix when you're out and about... and it's also where you deposit your used Padkix. It's waterproof feature is perfect to handle and contain used Padkix.

The wash bag acts more of a delicates protector during laundry.


8) How to contact Padkix?

You can email us at: PADKIXCUSTOMER@GMAIL.COM if you any questions or business inquiries :)